Discuss the development of the Dell business model

Dell, is the world‘s five hundred companies, the company based in Round Rock, Texas, USA. Dell founded by Michael Dell in 1984. Dell production, design, sales of office computer is known, but it is also involved in the high-end computer market, production and sales of servers, data storage devices, network equipment and so no.

Today, I discussed the reasons of Dell’s success as follows:


  1. Direct sales
  2. Build to order
  3. Communication with customer


-Direct sales

Dell’s direct sales model is in accordance with customer demand to manufacturing computers, and by virtue of its strong logistics system shipped directly to customers, and then Dell can understanding of customer require and then respond quickly to market. Compared with traditional distribution, the direct business model eliminates the middlemen, thus reducing unnecessary costs and reduce delivery time, that make Dell to better understand customer needs.


-Build to order

Build to order in accordance with customer orders to produce products, which allows Dell to understand customer requirements, and the company can limit the stock and do not take up too much cash.


-Communication with customer

Dell focuses on communication with customers, through the communication with customers to decision the products design and services program.







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