From web 2.0 to 4.0 to discuss the changes an implications for marketing

Web 2.0 is relative to the new era of Web 1.0. Refers to the use of a Web platform for user generated content leading Internet products and  models, in order to distinguish the traditional site-dominated employee-generated content is defined as the second generation of the Internet, that web 2.0, is a new era.


Web 2.0 concepts in 2004 began a brainstorming forum by publishing operators O’Reilly and MediaLive International. Dale Dougherty pointed out that with an exciting new program between the new site and the amazing regularity, the Internet is no “collapse”, and even more important than ever.

Web 2.0 mode has the following salient features:

  • Users share
  • Aggregation -Information on the network continue to accumulate, not lost.
  • The interest point of the community
  • Open platform, active users


Nowadays, the popular blog, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter are the web 2.0 era products. Web 2.0 is simply a kind of network interaction model.


Web 3.0


  • The within the site information can exchange with other site-related information. People can through third-party to manage and integrate the information they want.
  • Users with their own data on the internet and can he used on different sites.
  • Based entirely on the WEB, a browser that is able to implement a complex system program.


Web 4.0


The web 4.0 it is the future web, and is not yet developed. It consider as ubiquitous and intelligent web. Web 4.0 the meaning of the key that at any time, any place can provide everything you need.




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