Does the Internet changes everything?

If Google and Apple gone, people’s lives will be change? If the Internet and the World Wide Web is gone, what would the world be like?


Before the nineties, Internet was funded by the US government, primarily for the use of universities and research institutions, but in recent years growing the number of Internet business users, and the gradual transition from a research and education to the commercial network.


  • E-mail: E-mail advantage is that it enables the transmission of information to many people.

The first web mail account to transmit email to hundreds of millions.Hotmail was established in 1996, it became the world’s biggest service fast.  Nowadays, email becomes the people’s way of communication. People not base on writing letters to communicate and exchange information; use Internet is faster than before.


  • Online exchanges and cooperation with professor and researchers: Through the Internet to ask questions and consult advice form professor and researchers or users. This will allow people get help fast. For example, I need to know about the causes of global warming, I can search on Google, and then I can get a number of information from various sources.


  • Understand the business opportunities and trends: More companies through the Internet to collect information and marketing research and information about trade-related activities.

Nowadays, online shopping was development fast, many companies and brands to create their own websites, which makes people more aware of this brand and more convenient peoples to buy they want. Such as Nike, it has own official website, as long as people search for NIKE can easily find relevant information about it. It also makes company better to sell their products.


  • Social media: Social media is also the product of the network, such as Facebook and Twitter. More and more people use these platforms to communicate with other people and share their lives. More and more people to Facebook and Twitter as a source of news.


  • Research and publication: Publishers use FTP to transfer the document, the editor and publisher, publishing and to reduce the time and expense.



All in all, the network changed our live, also showing a good trend, with the development of the network, our lives become better.




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Discuss the development of the Dell business model

Dell, is the world‘s five hundred companies, the company based in Round Rock, Texas, USA. Dell founded by Michael Dell in 1984. Dell production, design, sales of office computer is known, but it is also involved in the high-end computer market, production and sales of servers, data storage devices, network equipment and so no.

Today, I discussed the reasons of Dell’s success as follows:


  1. Direct sales
  2. Build to order
  3. Communication with customer


-Direct sales

Dell’s direct sales model is in accordance with customer demand to manufacturing computers, and by virtue of its strong logistics system shipped directly to customers, and then Dell can understanding of customer require and then respond quickly to market. Compared with traditional distribution, the direct business model eliminates the middlemen, thus reducing unnecessary costs and reduce delivery time, that make Dell to better understand customer needs.


-Build to order

Build to order in accordance with customer orders to produce products, which allows Dell to understand customer requirements, and the company can limit the stock and do not take up too much cash.


-Communication with customer

Dell focuses on communication with customers, through the communication with customers to decision the products design and services program.







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Discuss consumer online customer experiences, using the elements proposed by rose and hair.

This blog is talk about the consumer online customer experience using the elements proposed by Rose and Hair:

  • Information processing
  • Perceived ease of use
  • Perceived usefulness
  • Perceived control
  • Skill
  • Trust and risk
  • Enjoyment


According to Rose and Hair, customers can build long term relationship if the companies try to have communication with customers in website. Over the past decade, people’s consumption patterns change with the development of online shopping. Nowadays, many companies should to develop the site to communicate with customers. Many people do not enter the store to purchase merchandise, because they can buy the needed goods on online shop and it will be more convenience and easily. So there are many brand products have established their own website that help the customers to easily search for this brand. For example, I prefer to buy ZARA clothes than buying SABA, I can easily search the website to ZARA clothes on


At the same time, when I visited the website on Zara to buy tops I also can search the other products on the same brand. It could contribute to the promotion of products and product marketing. And sometimes, the online shop will have the discounts for product that would make people want to buy more.


Customer online shopping experience the most important step is online payments. That need the customers to trust the website, and depending on the site for payment security management, for example, “no unsolicited email, no pop-up ads, credit cards are accepted…” (10 signs that an online shopping site is secure. 2016). this is also an important factor affecting consumer online shopping experience.


All in all, good site management can bring good shopping experience to customer, and can build long-term relationship with customers.




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From web 2.0 to 4.0 to discuss the changes an implications for marketing

Web 2.0 is relative to the new era of Web 1.0. Refers to the use of a Web platform for user generated content leading Internet products and  models, in order to distinguish the traditional site-dominated employee-generated content is defined as the second generation of the Internet, that web 2.0, is a new era.


Web 2.0 concepts in 2004 began a brainstorming forum by publishing operators O’Reilly and MediaLive International. Dale Dougherty pointed out that with an exciting new program between the new site and the amazing regularity, the Internet is no “collapse”, and even more important than ever.

Web 2.0 mode has the following salient features:

  • Users share
  • Aggregation -Information on the network continue to accumulate, not lost.
  • The interest point of the community
  • Open platform, active users


Nowadays, the popular blog, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter are the web 2.0 era products. Web 2.0 is simply a kind of network interaction model.


Web 3.0


  • The within the site information can exchange with other site-related information. People can through third-party to manage and integrate the information they want.
  • Users with their own data on the internet and can he used on different sites.
  • Based entirely on the WEB, a browser that is able to implement a complex system program.


Web 4.0


The web 4.0 it is the future web, and is not yet developed. It consider as ubiquitous and intelligent web. Web 4.0 the meaning of the key that at any time, any place can provide everything you need.




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